KPN Ranked First in the 2022 Mobile Network Benchmark Netherlands by umlaut and connect Magazine

For the first time, KPN takes the top position, followed by T-Mobile and Vodafone.

A new report [ADD LINK] analyzing the performance of mobile voice and data services in the Netherlands ranks KPN’s mobile network first, ahead of T-Mobile and Vodafone. The benchmark has been conducted annually since 2015 by infrastructure and benchmarking specialist umlaut, now part of Accenture, and international consumer telecommunications magazine connect.

The benchmark measures each network's maximum data and voice performance. Additionally, a sophisticated crowdsourcing methodology determines the quality and performance of the mobile connections users actually experience.

  • KPN: The operator was named “Best-in-Test” for the first time with 976 of 1,000 points possible and the overall grade “outstanding.” KPN scored highest in the Data category and also leads the Voice category, together with T-Mobile.
  •  T-Mobile: The operator, which ranked first in the last five benchmarks, scored 972 points and achieved the overall grade “outstanding.” The company scored highest in the crowdsourcing analysis, together with Vodafone. It also provides the widest share of 5G coverage in towns and on connecting roads.
  • Vodafone: The operator came in third with 938 points and the overall grade “very good.”

Hakan Ekmen, CEO umlaut telecommunications, said: “Congratulations to KPN for winning the umlaut connect Mobile Benchmark in the Netherlands for the first time. We would also like to recognize T-Mobile’s co-best voice and crowd performance, and Vodafone’s strength in the crowdsourcing category, where it is on par with T-Mobile.”

Hannes Ruegheimer, editor at connect magazine, added: “Dutch mobile operators compete on a technological level that is already very high. This year, KPN managed to outpace the long-time winner T-Mobile by a narrow margin of four points. And Vodafone’s strong performance would make it a winner in many other markets.”

 umlaut also analyzed how mobile networks perform in five of the Netherlands’ major cities.

  • In Amsterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague and Utrecht, KPN takes the lead, closely followed by T-Mobile and Vodafone.
  • In Rotterdam, T-Mobile ranks first, KPN second and Vodafone third.

Benchmark methodology

umlaut measured the performance of mobile data and voice connections in three ways: 1) Drive tests – two test cars traveled 21 cities and 13 towns covering 5,992 kilometers. 2) Walk tests – two test teams visited eight cities, traveling between cities by train. The tests were conducted from February 1-11. The total testing area represents 5,83 million people or approximately 33,9 percent of the population in the Netherlands. During drive tests and walk tests, each network's highest possible data and voice performance are measured under controlled circumstances. 3) Crowdsourcing – Over 24 weeks (August 2021– February 2022), 399.035.677 data and voice connection samples from 112,509 users, representing 99.8% of the Netherlands population, were analyzed. The results of all three tests were thoroughly weighed to achieve a realistic and conclusive assessment of each network’s potential and performance.

The umlaut connect Mobile Benchmark is an independent evaluation that provides a detailed orientation to consumers and a fair, transparent and neutral evaluation and comparison of their networks' capabilities to management and supervisory boards of operators. It combines umlaut's expertise in measuring network performance with connect's long-standing editorial experience and knowledge in testing telecommunications products and services. First conducted in Germany more than 20 years ago, umlaut and connect since 2009 extended their mobile network benchmark to other European countries, including Austria, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. In the Netherlands, the benchmark was published first in 2015 and paused in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has become the de-facto industry standard for customer-perceived network quality.

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